Mind Your Rights
Concertify SaaS Platform

Executive Summary


Mind Your Rights Ltd. is a Finnish technology start-up specialized in the development of a common platform for music rights management. Their vision is to make the global management of music rights faster, more efficient, transparent and less costly for composers and publishers.



About Mind Your Rights Ltd.


Mind Your Rights Ltd. was founded in 2017. As an independent start-up. Our mission is to develop an efficient and transparent cross-border copyright licensing ecosystem. Based in Helsinki, Finland, we work in close co-operation with Teosto, a Finnish nonprofit performance rights organization. Co-operation with the key industry organizations and developing solutions on top of the existing industry structures are essential principles in our philosophy. Our story stemmed from a development project in Teosto, in which the Board of Teosto encouraged us to find new, modern ways that would make copyright management easier and more transparent.


Inspiring-health GmbH chose Kite Consult GmbH, an AWS partner to assist them in this project. Kite recommended the use of Amazon Web Services as a proficient cloud provider.



The Challenge


When Mind Your Rights Ltd. realized that their mobile app for live concert setlist reporting was highly useful and popular, they decided to create the SaaS solution “Concertify” which helps copyright societies, copyright owners, and artists to collect their royalties effortlessly. Mind Your Rights had an idea, but not the resources to manage development, operations and get to the market quickly.


Mind Your Rights chose Kite Consult GmbH, an AWS partner to assist them in this project. Kite recommended the use of Amazon Web Services as a proficient cloud provider.



Why Amazon Web Services


Mind Your Rights management decided to go serverless, which is why Kite recommended the use of AWS because of its well-engineered serverless scalability and elasticity.


Why Kite Consult GmbH


Kite is a distinctive APN partner that offers cloud-native application development combined with AWS consulting services. Because of Kite’s comprehensive portfolio, Mind Your Rights Ltd. chose to form a long-term partnership with Kite.



The Solution


The project started with a couple of workshops in which the management explained their ideas and requirements. Based on these requirements Kite created top-tier architecture.


Kite developed and delivered a completely secure, automated, and compliant AWS Infrastructure, AWS native CI/CD cross-account solution, and production-ready SaaS product. As a part of the solution, Kite also provides infrastructure monitoring and incident handling.


Some of AWS Services used in the solution are Serverless stack, CloudFront, CloudFormation, CodeCommit, CodePipeline, Route53, CloudTrail, Config, CloudWatch, X-Ray, etc.


Results and Benefits


Once the AWS infrastructure (and the SaaS product) were up and running, Mind Your Rights immediately entered the market and vast amount of respectable customers. Since the solution is based entirely on a serverless framework, Mind Your Rights directly benefits from AutoScaling options and a pay-as-you-go model.


Next Steps


Since the Concertify platform attracts a large number of prospective customers, Mind Your Rights and Kite will continue with the development of the product and its features. The plan is to implement various analytic features that will utilize AWS Big Data and analytic services.

About Kite Consult GmbH


Kite Consult GmbH is a consulting partner of the Amazon Partner Network (APN) which offers AWS native Application Development and AWS consultancy services.

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