Inspiring-health GmbH
Cloud Migration

Executive Summary


Inspiring-health is a German-based company specialized in the health care industry, offering consulting and support for medical devices and pharmaceutical companies. Their main service includes a proven market access strategy, clinical-economic research, and intelligent applications to ensure success for their clients within the German market.



The Challenge


Inspiring-health GmbH decided to move their IT infrastructure into the Cloud to become more flexible and utilize Big Data and analytical services using a pay-as-you-go model.  Inspiring-health GmbH uses a Microsoft infrastructure within their data center. Therefore, the first step was to move the Microsoft workload into the cloud and optimize as well as modernize their Microsoft services.


Inspiring-health GmbH chose Kite Consult GmbH, an AWS partner to assist them in this project. Kite recommended the use of Amazon Web Services as a proficient cloud provider.



Why Amazon Web Services


Inspiring-health is a company that offers hospital market analyses based on enormous amounts of data, exceeding the capabilities of a traditional data center. Kite recommends the use of AWS due to their predominant analytics and Big Data capabilities as well as their simplistic integration with Microsoft Services.



Why Kite Consult GmbH


Kite is a distinctive APN partner that offers cloud-native application development combined with AWS consulting services. Because of Kite’s comprehensive portfolio, Inspiring-health chose to form a long-term partnership with Kite for the migration, the handling of incidents as well as the modernization and monitoring of their infrastructure.



The Solution


The project started with a couple of workshops in which the management explained their ideas and requirements. Based on these requirements Kite created top-tier architecture.


Kite developed and provided a completely secure, automated, and compliant AWS infrastructure with VPN connections to Inspiring-health’s data center.


After the preparation of the AWS Infrastructure, Kite started the migration of existing Microsoft infrastructure to AWS. As part of the project, Kite modernized Microsoft Stack and provided infrastructure monitoring and incident handling.


During the migration, Kite heavily utilized AWS services such as VPN, AD Connector, AWS VM Import, RDS, ec2, SSM, FSx and AWS Managed Microsoft AD for connecting existing on-premises infrastructure with AWS.



Results and Benefits


Once the infrastructure and services had been migrated from the data center into the cloud, and many services and servers now no longer needed to be running 24/7, Inspiring-health was able to reduce infrastructure costs thanks to the pay-as-you-go model and AWS automation services.



Next Steps


Kite will continue to optimize Microsoft services and implement the modernization of current analytic processes to include AWS Big Data and analytic services.

About Kite Consult GmbH


Kite Consult GmbH is a consulting partner of the Amazon Partner Network (APN) which offers AWS native Application Development and AWS consultancy services.

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